Nature Reserve

News from the Reserve

Since the Peak Village and Derbyshire Wildlife Trust partnership began in September 2019, the reserve has evolved into a special place for visitors, the local community, and most importantly for nature. In a short period of time the space has transformed into a wonderful home for a growing variety of wildlife, and there are plans to make it an even more inspiring place to visit in the near future.

Look out for the engagement days and activities on the reserve. They are an opportunity to meet members of the DWT team, and learn more about the reserve, its inhabitants, and even how you can get involved as a volunteer.

Derbyshire Wildlife Trust Workshops

Summer / Autumn 2022

ORCHARD PICNIC & GAMES (Family friendly)
Sunday, 21st August
Drop in any time between 10am-2pm

Sunday, 18th September
Drop in any time between 10am-2pm

bird nests boxes event